January 2015

  1. My first listicle

December 2014

  1. My year in cities, 2014
  2. Biscuits and Gravy”

June 2014

  1. i’m sorry to write in such an odd manner

February 2014

  1. Create

December 2013

  1. My year in cities, 2013
  2. The true New Yorker

November 2013

  1. How not to respond when someone calls you on stealing their site

April 2013

  1. Prying

March 2013

  1. Every browser is a poser

February 2013

  1. I’m not the one
  2. An unsolicited proposal

January 2013

  1. My year in cities, 2012

October 2012

  1. Conversations with Siri
  2. On having a boring technology stack

September 2012

  1. Teller, on magic
  2. The iPhone “Icon Ceiling” has been broken: is this the beginning of the end?
  3. Coda 2 modes, scopes, and you

June 2012

  1. The Unboxing
  2. The way it works…
  3. Scott Chacon, on wolves and really big numbers

March 2012

  1. Six months of color

January 2012

  1. My Baby Can Dance
  2. My year in cities, 2011

November 2011

  1. Required (Git) reading
  2. Changing history, or How to Git pretty

October 2011

  1. Git pretty

September 2011

  1. Yet another Coda plug-in you can’t live without: Manipulate Coda
  2. Found in inbox, presented without comment

August 2011

  1. A comprehensive list of items consumed at the Minnesota State Fair

July 2011

  1. This music video makes me happy

June 2011

  1. Impossibly simple instructions for setting up a dedicated MongoDB server virtual machine with Vagrant

May 2011

  1. Wherein our hero releases coda-cli — yet another tool to make Coda awesomer

April 2011

  1. Augmenting RDBMS with NoSQL for e-commerce
  2. YouTube 1911” is especially fitting

March 2011

  1. Getting a head start

January 2011

  1. I made a plugin for Coda. I shall call it FastTab.
  2. (Re)installing PHP on Mac OS X
  3. My year in cities, 2010

December 2010

  1. Minor update to PHP Docblock Generator for Coda
  2. Happy new color schemes for Coda
  3. GitX plugin for Coda version 2
  4. PHP Docblock Generator plug-in for Coda is Better, Faster, Stronger

May 2010

  1. Up There

April 2010

  1. Building a LAMP development environment on Snow Leopard
  2. Homebrew is like MacPorts or Fink, except that it actually works
  3. This may seem crazy short…

March 2010

  1. The Impossible Bloomberg Makeover
  2. Subscreen partitioning is a Cinch
  3. Resolved: That Thunderbird 3 is fairly awesome.
  4. If, like me, you hose Apache on your Ubuntu LTS server when you finally get around to upgrading libssl, and PHP stops working…
  5. Things don’t get much better than Eric Snider’s “Snide Remarks”

February 2010

  1. The appendices of the CSS specification are in alphabetical order
  2. A History of Obama Feigning Interest in Mundane Things
  3. Engineers at Home

January 2010

  1. American Pixels

December 2009

  1. My year in cities, 2009

October 2009

  1. Google Wave for iPhone is HOT.

September 2009

  1. Presented without comment

August 2009

  1. Spyc vs. syck: Speedier YAML parsing in PHP
  2. Regarding free soda
  3. Permanent Brunch has a bacon bar
  4. The Fruit Is A Lie
  5. …It had better be something everybody wants to buy.

July 2009

  1. Coda tip: show “invisible characters” when you highlight text
  2. Pepsi is listening, tell them to bring Mtn Dew Throwback back!
  3. One reason programmers dislike meetings so much…
  4. Pro Tip: Use an explicit LIMIT in Doctrine
  5. Wait. Kindles are only three hundred bucks?
  6. El Scorcho in 8 bits
  7. Things I’d love to see in Pukka
  8. Better than Follow Friday

June 2009

  1. You should be reading Neven Mrgan’s Tumbl
  2. My screenshot secret weapon: Skitch
  3. Microsoft’s Browser Comparison Chart
  4. We’re going to play a new game…
  5. Save yourself from the Twitpocalypse with this handy bookmarklet
  6. em v. px

May 2009

  1. Charles Darwin, on wives
  2. Do yourself a favor…
  3. Six fun Twitter searches
  4. Radical
  5. Let’s go to the Anamanaguchi show
  6. Happy Sunday! Listen to Chairlift!
  7. How to: back up your iPhone with rsync

April 2009

  1. It bears repeating
  2. Smiling
  3. Caring for your introvert
  4. The grass is already growing over him
  5. Contented
  6. IE 6 “Update”
  7. Ever wonder what’s up with Vim on your Ubuntu boxen?
  8. One song by the Two Gallants
  9. Ballmer is only half right
  10. Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism.”

March 2009

  1. Driving Lesson
  2. If you read one thing today, make sure it’s this blog post
  3. If you could…
  4. Declaring War on Internet Explorer 6
  5. People say ‘I’m just being myself’…
  6. Read this blog: The Scooter Lounge
  7. Post-mortem of a Search Engine Suicide
  8. Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz

February 2009

  1. A Simple Pledge Poster from Lure Design
  2. A PHP framework showdown
  3. Indecision is a decision too
  4. We wanted an easier way to add Google Analytics to our pages and our javascript, so I decided to write a jQuery plugin.”
  5. Fuzzier (human-friendly) timestamps with Drupal 6.x
  6. Pepsi & Mountain Dew Throwback
  7. Customer disservice
  8. Converting to git-svn: A collection of links
  9. Layers is the coolest screenshot app I’ve ever used
  10. @rachijan’s third favorite elevator
  11. I have good news
  12. Unsupported operand types” in Drupal 6.x
  13. Changes

January 2009

  1. In most cases, I’ll settle for ‘less annoying’
  2. I’m still here
  3. Smarty {html_options} plugin with ‘disabled’ support
  4. Free tip for copyright holders

December 2008

  1. Install this Firefox extension: Tabs Open Relative
  2. Happy Boxing Day!
  3. PHP Docblock generator plug-in for Coda
  4. I’ll just look at a couple more websites.
  5. When you struggle with pointers
  6. That is all.
  7. It’s important to remember that the user isn’t a marionette.

November 2008

  1. How to use your iPhone while lying down in bed
  2. Should I use tables for layout?
  3. MR. PRESIDENT: I look forward to being disappointed in new ways.
  4. Quality vs Quantity
  5. If you want a peek into what goes on in my head…

October 2008

  1. This tip calculator isn’t ugly, doesn’t suck to use.
  2. SearchWiki — Google’s customized social search — is back
  3. Swiss Army” software
  4. Superer than regular Monkey Ball.
  5. What’s the deal with Microsoft’s Live Search results?
  6. Tap Tap Revenge.
  7. Galcon rocks my phone.
  8. Sudoku is my latest subway addiction.
  9. Good VCs will fund good companies…
  10. Two Equal and Opposite Errors
  11. I will do one thing today”
  12. The perfect subway app
  13. Technophobe Is Starting to Get a Decent Collection of iPhone Apps
  14. Farewell, NDA

September 2008

  1. Go buy Trism for your iPhone.
  2. What we can learn about usability…
  3. Command-line batch cron processing for Drupal
  4. Apples Remote might be my favorite iPhone app.
  5. What the Milkshake?
  6. State of the Union
  7. The Air
  8. This is why I read Seth Godin
  9. How do you find your biggest fans?
  10. History of the browser user-agent string
  11. Pirate envy
  12. Tentatively
  13. Statistics
  14. de La Rochefoucauld, on censure

August 2008

  1. The Strand Race
  2. users: How important is security to you?
  3. In Case of Zombie Attack, Break Glass
  4. If you want to be famous…
  5. Google is almost as good at math as I am…
  6. Neuter the backspace key, save your email messages, blog posts, and sanity
  7. teehan+lax has an amazing PSD of iPhone GUI resources
  8. More jQuery typography
  9. Multisite Drupal problems
  10. A better TinyURL bookmarklet!
  11. A jQuery “widon’t” snippet
  12. Hey Dale Harney, you missed a spot
  13. iPhone backup shootout: iTunes vs. rsync
  14. Picking a fight
  15. I call dregs”

July 2008

  1. myPhone
  2. Moderation
  3. Medialets is tracking iPhone App Store metrics
  4. Reset menu sort “weight” in Drupal 6
  5. Create cross-platform synergy with Synergy.
  6. How does that proverb go?
  7. More on Google’s “Digg-like” social search
  8. Google’s “Edit Search results” experiment
  9. Keep your computer up late with Caffeine.
  10. Track practically any package with Delivery Status.
  11. If you must IE, please IE responsibly
  12. You need Growl notifications.
  13. Experiment
  14. Tired of being sexy
  16. Jumpcut keeps your clipboard around a little longer.
  17. Dear Utah Drivers…
  18. The value of a perk

June 2008

  1., chapter 3 – wherein his bookmarks offer a peek into his head
  2. Download Firefox 3 on Tuesday
  3. Songs about cartography
  4. wrand(); // A PHP weighted randomization function
  5. I need this shirt.

May 2008

  1. Help me settle an argument
  2. Brightkite fails
  3. Sigh… Monday
  4. A “rare find”
  5. Firefox 3 Release Candidate 1 is available.
  6. Firefox 3, Bookmarks and consistent interface
  7. How to rank for the keyword “Google”
  8. Dan’s idea

April 2008

  1. Let’s write a worm”
  2. jQuery update in a multisite Drupal environment
  3. You will enjoy this song: the power of the beat compels you
  4. Plainness becomes beautified
  5. New tagline for Twitter
  7. Meat Loaf’s potential to do things (for love)
  8. Current mood:
  9. Firefox is a gateway drug”
  10. Stranger Photos Have Happened
  11. Facebook lets you poke yourself?
  12. A $400 a year domain name habit.
  13. Spring. Or a horror movie.
  14. It would be unthinkable
  15. A brilliant example of text only typography
  16. Dear spammers:
  17. Avast! Pirates!

March 2008

  1. Best use of Mario Paint ever!
  2. It’s not going to be real quick…
  3. …My head asplode
  4. Making The Web A Better Place, One Campaign At A Time…
  5. Safari nightly build aces Acid3 test
  6. Stop me if this is a bad idea.
  7. When I grow up
  8. Double-Double, animal style”
  9. Everyone cheats
  10. Black is the new black
  11. The only way to win the game
  13. Sometimes OS X hates my wireless Logitech mouse
  14. @adamwalker wrote a bulk event importer for Drupal
  15. People Who Don’t Know X
  16. HELP WANTED… waitress with “EXPERIENCE”. Night Shift
  17. … a garbage truck full of legos
  18. Drupal has as special place
  19. Homogenized is the new overheard”
  20. Not spiritual but religious
  21. Never
  22. Here’s a great reason to stop using Internet Explorer 6
  23. Shrine of the Mall Ninja

February 2008

  1. killer deal on a second gen Blue Ipod Nano.
  2. Uberquick comments in HTML/XHTML
  3. BYUSA is gearing up for elections
  4. One of my favorite things about Twitter
  5. BRINGO: Stop Talking to Machines and Talk to a Real Human
  6. De-emphasis in design…
  7. A new pair of New Balance
  8. I’m so over iTunes
  9. It’s my fault
  10. Beware…
  11. Why I will never purchase software from Yazsoft again
  12. A Drupal path redirect bookmarklet
  13. I’m typing this blog post on my MacBook Air
  14. Witch” window switcher by many tricks
  15. I haven’t slept for ten days
  16. Dear Diary:

January 2008

  1. What exactly justifies making SMS messages sixty one million times more expensive than ISP data and 200x more expensive than TCP?
  2. Mood: A bit sad
  3. Microsoft’s best interest
  4. He “died in a blogging accident”
  5. On wrecking a scooter
  6. If you work in customer service and/or returns
  7. The MySpace kids are out in force
  8. Twitter stats

December 2007

  1. Why is it that…
  2. NBC Universal has an XML schema for DMCA infringements
  3. Merry Christmas from the Blagosphere
  4. On spending time with family
  5. …it’s certainly going to be a Next Big Language.
  6. Conserving cornstalks
  7. Keeping my custom Leopard stack overlays in front!
  8. RFC: brevity
  9. Twitter is down for scheduled maintenance
  10. Download The Dark Knight trailer, in high def
  11. Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser?
  12. @Ted Boren: That was your own headhunter…
  13. Anger can be brilliantly motivating…
  14. I hate spammers
  15. The weather outside is frightful
  16. A noble man
  17. It’s interesting how often we define things by what they are not.
  18. New Gmail label colors!
  19. Mouse cursor IRL
  20. To the author of the bot trying to comment spam my blog
  21. To my fellow survivors

November 2007

  1. In retrospect
  2. Note to self:
  3. How not to SEO (search engine optimize) your landing page
  4. A taste for literature
  5. Hardest of all…
  6. Think productivity
  7. NaBloPoMo?
  8. 55: A Meditation on the Speed Limit Around the Perimeter
  9. Stella!
  10. This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for crayons
  11. Catch the poo
  12. …if oxen and horses or lions had hands
  13. Farzad “Frankie” Fard
  14. Street signs and breadcrumbs
  15. And today we sleep
  16. I took the long way home today
  17. BYUSA is like a student council only worse…
  18. I hate BYUSA
  19. The Nerd Handbook
  20. Sweet nothings
  21. I’m updating my blog theme
  22. And some days it feels good to just sleep
  23. I never dance anymore…
  24. Gmail gets new urls, breaks better Gmail
  25. Arnold Bennett on sleep
  26. Speeding up Firefox
  27. There is no switch
  28. Clarke, on magic
  29. Howto: remove candle wax after you get it all over your desk
  30. I’m not really sleepy… inspiration: …
  31. How much is music industry reform worth to you?
  32. I scribbled this in the margin of a test I took the other day

October 2007

  1. Cole Joplin, on balance
  2. Mac + Firefox + Justin’s blog = wow
  3. So what happened to “reduce”?
  4. As seen on craigslist
  5. Where does the Justin come from?

September 2007

  1. Censorship
  2. Free Redbox rental code
  3. Simon Says
  4. Avast!
  5. Why I like Unicode
  6. Well that didn’t take long…
  7. xkcd on dating
  8. Get involved: Blog Action Day 2007
  9. Overheard
  10. Paying for schwag
  11. Ubuntu users! Repent now!
  12. Time based interaction
  13. Worthless security measures

August 2007

  1. I read 54 different blogs every day
  2. Why Flash sucks
  3. Spoiler alert: this blog entry contains punchlines
  4. I was waking up early for a while
  5. I gots me a fixie
  6. Snippet of the day: Trim a string (the smart way) with PHP
  7. File this under “Places I Wouldn’t Put a Loaded Gun”
  8. Honestly?
  9. Darrrrr!!! Join the Utah Pirate Party!
  10. In case you were wondering
  11. link generator
  12. Minor irritation

July 2007

  1. Mandatory reboot
  2. Google Analytics is down
  3. Magic SMS status messages with Textmarks
  5. A giant space banana
  6. I like my computer
  7. To: Cache Valley
  8. Attention scammers:
  9. Celebrate fair use! July 11
  10. Twitter + Remember The Milk = Productivity Addiction
  11. Mozilla Firesomething
  12. ǝpoɔıun ʇɹɐǝɥ ı

June 2007

  1. And a happy iPhone day to you too
  2. I look away for a second and Gizmodo goes Gizm[ugly]
  3. New features! Ch-ch-check it!
  4. Howto: make your fresh Windows XP install usable
  5. I’m starting a grassroots movement
  6. Almost poetry
  7. kills MySpace link SEO karma
  8. Twitter!
  9. It’s tomorrow now
  10. justin hileman dot info is featuriffic!
  11. My space is cooler than your space
  12. A more secure Drupal [multisite] install
  13. Necessity and innovation
  14. Blah.

May 2007

  1. I have a number now too!
  2. A few not-so-essential Firefox extensions that I can’t live without

April 2007

  1. Google acquires a conflict of interest
  2. i heart stella
  3. To: annoying, sweet-bro, douchebag neighbors
  4. Digital music [r]evolution
  5. One more vote for patent law reform
  6. Three network marketing hummers

March 2007

  1. Free vs. Open
  2. [re]location
  3. Who hosts a website on a Windows box?
  4. Modernizing history
  5. Girls don’t play with computers
  6. Chaos in man, although hopeful… can also be a little tiresome.
  7. Does that security vulnerability come standard, or did you pay extra?
  8. Costly capital
  9. Make it big and bail early

February 2007

  1. Feature creep == sleep deprivation
  2. The illusion of security
  3. Some days it’s hard to have an opinion
  4. I drank too much today
  5. Real soup doesn’t come from a can
  6. Connectivity is not a sin
  7. Hell in a handbasket
  8. Nature or nurture?

January 2007

  1. In the land of the verbs, Google is king
  2. Innovation gets the shaft
  3. Musings on expectations
  4. Two kids in a garage

December 2006

  1. Freedom!1!!
  2. Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments
  3. a.m.
  4. 6:15 am
  5. Five buildings…
  6. It’s a long walk down that stairway…

October 2006

  1. Random thoughts
  2. My life is a giant game of Whack-a-Mole®
  3. Hubble Discovers Dark Spot on Uranus
  4. Sarah Judge sent me cookies.

September 2006

  1. On meeting old acquaintances
  2. Some things I’m digging
  3. I just saved 50%* on my groceries!

August 2006

  1. Starting fresh and Firefox extensions…
  2. »
  3. It’s official

May 2006

  1. Know what’s funny?

April 2006

  1. Today I disabled caps lock
  2. Poop.
  3. One bro’s soap is another bro’s artwork

March 2006

  1. What do you do when you meet someone incredible?
  2. Today I peed at Harvard
  3. Musings on personal space

January 2006

  1. Attention: Scene kids and Hipsters

November 2005

  1. Ridiculous dance party

October 2005

  1. No such thing as a free ice cream sandwich

September 2005

  1. Who’s dancing now?

August 2005

  1. Shut up

July 2005

  1. I laugh

June 2005

  1. Z is for Zamboni
  2. As I lay dying
  3. To: Idaho
  4. A little too late
  5. I’ll take the spam spam spam spam spam bacon and spam

May 2005

  1. >

April 2005

  1. Melancholy
  2. Impromptu dance party. My place. Right now.
  3. Seeking: soulmate
  4. Every day I polish my revolver and shoot my head.
  5. Thursday

March 2005

  1. 80 percent ain’t shabby
  2. Re: a medley of thoughts on the current housing situation

February 2005

  1. I suck at girls
  2. Testing…

January 2005

  1. Despair
  2. In mourning the passing of one pizza

December 2004

  1. Finals

November 2004

  1. Thoughts
  2. Ill
  3. Single serving
  4. Food for toghuht
  5. Tartarus revisited