A better TinyURL bookmarklet!

TinyURL is amazing. They shortify any URL, so you can change from something long and heinous — think Google Maps addresses — to something far more palatable (ala http://tinyurl.com/2h5z5m). The end result is short, pithy, and emailable. They magically redirect it to the real URL for you, and the Internets are a better place for all of us. Check out their example:

that's one TinyURL...

As if this wasn’t cool enough, TinyURL recently added the ability to tack on a custom alias. Now you can (optionally) choose a word or phrase to include in the hash portion of the tinyfied address, making it memorable as well as emailable. So now something like http://tinyurl.com/justin-hileman is possible.

Unfortunately the bookmarklet they provide only generates the old style TinyURLs with numbers and junk at the end. I use it all the time, so I decided it’s time for an upgrade. I created a bookmarklet that lets you select a chunk of text to be used as the alias. it automatically converts the selected text so it’s url friendly and everything!

Just drag this bookmark to your bookmark bar (or right click/save link as):


To use it, browse to a page on the internet, select a word or two, and click the bookmarklet. MagicURL!

  1. Aside: You shouldn’t be using IE < 7, but that’s another battle for another day…