A little too late

Ever feel like you met someone a little too late?

I think I did.

She’s getting married in a month or so. Not that it really matters; I don’t think we would have been friends like that.

I’m just sorry I didn’t meet her before.

Oh, I knew her. Knew her name at least. We went to high school together. But we never really talked back then. Never got to know each other. And I miss that. I miss that we didn’t ever hang out. She seems like she would have been a lot of fun. I miss the spontaneous road trips we might have taken together, just because. I miss all the memories that we don’t have. I miss that we never stayed out too late together, talking, doing nothing in particular, just because we liked the company. She would have been that kind of friend.

I guess this is about preconceived notions more than anything else. She didn’t seem the type of person I would like to spend time with. So I never put any effort into getting to know her. I’m sorry about it, but who do I apologize to? It’s too late now.

In the last month or so I’ve gotten to know her more than I did in four years of high school. And she’s a rad kid. And she’s leaving. Getting married. That’s leaving for good. I’m sure he’s cool, I’m sure he deserves her. And I’m not even jealous.

Just sort of sad.