Better than Follow Friday

Here are the ten people to whom I’ve given the most gold stars on Twitter:

  1. @sween (43)
  2. @rachijan (39)
  3. @badbanana (27)
  4. @apelad (26)
  5. @yowhatsthehaps (21)
  6. @biorhythmist and @texburgher (18)
  7. @strutting (17)
  8. @donchiefnerd (16)
  9. @GPappalardo (15)

If you’re on Twitter, you should follow these kids. Each of those stars is worth at least a chuckle, and most of them evoked an all-out laugh — though I don’t think I rolled on the floor even once.

If you’re not on Twitter, you will be soon. You might as well give in now and start by following some people on this list.

The list comes from Twitterbelle, a cute little web app by @poeks that checks who you’ve favorited with your last 200, 500, or 1000 stars. Feel free to check out my full list. (Plus, you should prob’ly follow everyone in the top 50).