Gmail gets new urls, breaks better Gmail

One of my favorite features of the Better Gmail Firefox plugin is the “smart read button”. When you select a message, it says either “mark read” if it’s an unread message, or “mark unread” if you’ve already read it. Or at least that’s what it used to do. Apparently the updates to Gmail broke that feature. I’m a bit bummed, someone will come up with a fix soon…

Another notable change is the urls: Gmail is combining url fragments with JavaScript to fake out your bookmarks and browser navigation. For example, you can now go directly to your spam folder by typing

They also added a filter assistant, kinda like the one better Gmail had. When you’re reading a message, click the dropdown where you used to add labels. There’s an option for mute (which used to be available only via hotkey), to create an event, and to “filter messages like these”. The filter assistant is pretty slick… Almost like they had some inspiration :)

It seems like Gmail’s been stagnant for a while, but it looks like they’re following up the new Gmail IMAP support with a few more features. Hopefully Google has more good stuff in store for us. Then maybe we won’t need Better Gmail anymore.