I look away for a second and Gizmodo goes Gizm[ugly]

I’ve been keeping up with things on their RSS feed for a while, and it looks like Gizmodo (the gadget guide) got a nice healthy beating from the ugly stick while I was gone. (Thanks Sam for pointing it out). If the constant fanboy iPhone fawning isn’t enough to keep me away, the “redesign” just might do the job.

Gawker seems to have escaped public humiliation for now. But last year they both got overhauled around the same time… There’s still time, Gawker. DON’T do it!


You couldn’t argue that the site was the paramount of style to begin with, but at least we weren’t visually assaulted whenever we visited. The dithering on that logo doesn’t even look intentional. It looks like a poorly compressed gif. I hope nobody got paid for this…


Is that a marble patterned sidebar? I think that graphic came in the Word ‘97 clipart package. Wow. That’s all I’ve got to say. Wow.

Please, for the love of good taste and all that is web, make it stop. This isn’t 1998.