Jumpcut keeps your clipboard around a little longer.

One of my biggest problems with the “clipboard” paradigm is that it only holds on to the last thing I clipped. I’m forever forgetting that I just clipped something I wanted, and haphazardly replacing it by copying something new1.

Jumpcut gives the OS X clipboard a healthy sense of history. It’s a simple little menu extra2 that keeps track of a configurable amount of recent clippings, just a hotkey or a mouse click away. If the top of the screen is too far, you can hit ⌃⌥V to pop up a bezel window that pages through all your recent snips. This slick little app has become an indispensable part of my workflow.

Get Jumpcut here

Jumpcut menu extra

Jumpcut's menu extra dropdown

Jumpcut bezel interface

  1. You should check out my clipboard history sometime… Sometimes I copy the same thing three or four times before I get it pasted. 

  2. Menu extra” is the official name for the little icons that hang out at the top of your screen next to the clock.