Know what’s funny?

I was just thinking about how everything in life is so relative.

You see, my computer has historically had heat issues. For a long time it was idling around 65C. which is pretty hot for idling. I was never super worried about it because my processor is rated up to 90C.

Then I installed a new video card, and temperatures went up even more. Now my computer spent most of it’s time around 75 degrees Celsius. Under a heavy load, I saw it hit 85… too close to 90 for my taste.

To put this in perspective (for those of you from the States) that’s about 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to the American Egg Board, eggs need to reach between 144 and 158 degrees before they’re considered “cooked”.

Okay. Now it’s time for concern.

(I promise, this story has a point… eventually)

So I took some drastic measures. Did some cooling fan kung foo (quite a feat in a case the size of mine) and it now emits a peaceful blue glow, and lives closer to 48 degrees than 84…

And now to the point of my story. Tonight I was transcoding some video (a decidedly processor intense task) and looked over at the spiffy LCD readout on the front of my computer. 58C!

Wow, that’s hot” thinks I to myself.

How quickly we forget…