My screenshot secret weapon: Skitch

Apple’s built-in screenshot app is pretty okay, but it’s not quite seamless enough. When I want to file a bug report, or post a humorous screenshot to Flickr, or snap a screenshot to post on Technophobe, I turn to Skitch.

Skitch has system-wide hotkeys, so it’s just as convenient as the built-in Mac screen grab utility. It also has has the most crucial image editing features built right in, and when you’re finished, you can even drag your image into an email or IM, or post your screenshot on the web with a single click.

Skitch's single-window editor

The Skitch interface is intuitive and just complex enough. You can’t retouch a photo in Skitch, but resizing or cropping is a snap. Skitch sports a handy – and relatively full featured – editor. It takes just a couple of clicks to quickly crop or resize, and to highlight, annotate and scribble on your photos or screen grabs.

I love the little touches with Skitch. Edits are never destructive. Everything can be undone, or deleted, or edited later. When post a screenshot it is saved to your history with layers, so you can come back later and remix things as you wish.

Highlighting and annotating is crazy easy!

Perhaps the best feature of Skitch is the integral upload capability. A single click posts your image to Skitch’s own sharing service, or to Flickr, or to an FTP server you control. Once it’s uploaded, one more click copies the link, all formatted and ready to paste in an email message or blog post.

Skitch is a neat little package that captures my entire screen grab workflow from start to finish.

Get Skitch

If you need a little more convincing, check out this killer screencast (courtesy of the Plasq/Skitch crew):