My year in cities, 2009

I’m doing Kotke’s cities thing. Here’s my list for 2009:

  • Atlanta, Georgia1
  • Austin, Texas
  • Boston, Massachusettes
  • Denver, Colorado2
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Monteverde, Costa Rica
  • New Haven, Connecticut
  • New York, New York
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Prosser, Washington
  • Provo, Utah
  • Puntarenas, Costa Rica
  • San Francisco, California
  • Washington DC
  • Wenatchee, Washington
  • Wilton, Connecticut

I spent one or more nights in every city on this list. Thanks to JetBlue’s All You Can Jet pass for facilitating several of those trips :)

  1. Under duress. Thank you, Delta. 

  2. Also under duress, this time courtesy of United Airlines.