I was chatting with my boss at Portero, and he found it amusing that the iPod app has such a prominent place on my iPhone. He said he’d rather have easy access to his calendar than his music. It’s interesting to see how everyone arranges their apps to suit their own preferences. After playing with my phone a while, these are the apps that have made the cut and the ordering that works for me. I plan to write more on the apps later, so check back!

What does your phone look like?

The home screen


These are my go-to apps. They’re generally grouped by row. Notable players include transportation and task management apps.

Reviews, ratings, map tools and searches


These help me figure out where I want to go, and what I want to do when I get there. I really love the interaction on Urbanspoon’s app. It makes me smile every time I use it :)

Social applications (plus photography, for some reason?)


I’m not sure why Camera and Photos ended up here, but they seemed to fit. The theme on this page is social: predominantly Twitter clients and social network apps.

Games :)


Trism rocks my world.

Settings, installers, and utility apps


These utilities aren’t used as frequently, but they’re super useful. They get a page all to themselves.

Unused apps


Less useful apps get demoted to this page just before they’re voted off the island.