New features! Ch-ch-check it!

When I get frustrated or stressed, justin hileman dot info gets upgraded. On that note, my blog has a couple of new features that you prob’ly didn’t even notice. Most of you won’t care, but I’ll point ‘em out anyway. Because I’m a nerd like that.

New 'tag post' feature

You can Digg my posts now. When I posted about the dirty things MySpace does with, a bunch of people complained that there wasn’t a link to Digg the post. Now you can tag my posts with Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Facebook or whatever other social bookmark site you want. Just hover over the “tag” icon and pick your poison.

Use these links, kids, I added ‘em for you… Digg my blog, bookmark my blog, respond to my blog posts on your own blog. I’m currently tied for the 750,511th coolest blog on the blagosphere. with your help I can make 750,510! If you don’t already use a social bookmarking site, I’d suggest checking out Delicious. They’re like browser bookmarks, but powered by awesome.

I replaced my blog back end over the weekend. I used to be using an older release of Drupal (4.7). Now I’m using the current stable release. This is a good change because it makes everything a bit more secure and standards compliant. Also, Google likes my blog more now. If you couldn’t tell that anything changed, that means it worked.

I added blog archives. For example, if you want to see everything I posted in 2005, you can type in something like /blog/2005. Works with months too… Not very many people will use this, but the way my pages are organized, it always looked like you could. Now you actually can.

The main page loads faster. Sometimes.

My responses to comments stand out more. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. Or how you feel about it, for that matter. But it’s my blog, so my opinion counts more than yours.

So what do you think? Are the bookmark links intuitive and conspicuous enough? Will you ever actually use the blog archive? Was reading this post a waste of time?