On meeting old acquaintances

It’s interesting how even though people change, they stay exactly the same…

Last night I was in my kitchen. I introduced myself to the girl standing next to me… But before she could tell me her name I recognized her… She lived in the same apartment complex as I did. Way back in 2000. She used to come over a lot. I think she had a thing for my roommate.

That’s right, thinks I, she was a swing dancer. But I don’t think we danced together much.

She didn’t know who I was at first, but figured it out after a second. I wondered why I wasn’t so memorable? Maybe I’ve changed that much?

We caught up on old times, chatted about our mutual friends. Who’s married now, who’s having kids… (i.e. everyone). Kind of a surreal experience.

And we danced. It was good. She was a little rusty… Hadn’t gone dancing in a couple of years. But she’s good anyway.

And then she left. One of those awkward goodbyes. The kind where I’m not sure if it’ll be another six years before I see her again.

So today then I’ve been thinking. Those kids were my friends. I spent a ton of time with all of them. And of that whole group of friends, I’ve only kept in contact with Rex and Brandon and Steve. And haven’t even done a good job of that.

Why do I make friends and then never talk to them? Is it better to have a small group of really good friends that I keep in contact with? Because it seems that I’ve done just the opposite. I have a lot of friends, but they’re scattered all over. And how many of them do I even talk to?

Or is it better to focus my energy on the people around me right now, until they move on… or I do.