One bro’s soap is another bro’s artwork

I’m sitting here, supposed to be working. But that’s another story.

The interesting story is the sweet bro puttering around cleaning up a handful of sandboxes. The one on the end table next to me is white, about 8 inches by 14. And it’s full of soap. Green. Smells like ivory spring. Each piece has been lovingly carved into something that resembles absolutely nothing. And I like it.

Another sandbox has random car parts in it. A steel rim, a carborator. Part of an exhaust manifold.

Another is full of small bones. This has to be the most realistic one. After all, bones are common in the desert, no? It reminds me of a slightly twisted zen garden. Rake the sand, stack the bones up in some aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Peace. Happiness. Death. Zen at its finest.

There’s a pottery sandbox, one filled with odd little statues. Easter Island-ish.

It’s an interesting display. no artist’s statement. No signature to be seen.

I kinda like it.

I like the smell of the soap. It’s a happy, clean smell.

I like that it’s interactive. I like that when the dude got here, he asked me if I’d been the one playing with the soap. apparently he was pleased with the result. He asked if he could take a picture.

Here’s one sweet bro that gets the Justin Stamp of Approval. Way to go, kid.