Save yourself from the Twitpocalypse with this handy bookmarklet

The Twitpocalypse is upon us, and a whole lot of things have broken…

In some cases it’s recoverable though. If you click a link from your favorite Twitter-related service and come across a URL like this, you can fix it! Just use this handy dandy little bookmarklet and you’ll be back on the right Tweet in no time.


Use this like you normally use a bookmarklet. Drag it to your bookmark bar, or right click and “save as bookmark”.

The standard bookmarklet disclaimers apply: This works in Firefox and Safari, but might not work in all browsers. It’s a quick and dirty bookmarklet, so if you use it somewhere it doesn’t belong it will do unexpected things with your browser. Don’t try using it on non-Twitpocalypsed tweets, as it will try to grab some random tweet from the far distant future.