SearchWiki — Google’s customized social search — is back

Google’s messing with search engine results again, but this time it looks like they’re trying to take on Wikipedia, not Digg. At least they’re calling their editable search engine result experiment SearchWiki this time around. It still looks a lot like it did last time I reported on it (here and here). Check out a bunch of screenshots from this iteration here:

justin hileman - Google edited search results


Google SearchWiki

Google SearchWiki - Add a search result

Google SearchWiki - My SearchWiki notes

Google SearchWiki - See all notes

Google SearchWiki - Public comment form

Things are a bit smoother this time. Moving results is a nice, polished animation. Overall, SearchWiki pretty rad. I can’t wait for more community features to show up. Mebbe they’ll even use these Google public profiles we all have but don’t know about?

If you wanna give it a shot but don’t see the fun little grey buttons next to your search results, try adding &swm=2 to the end of a Google search URL. (swm=2 was the same parameter they used in the last iteration. YMMV). If that doesn’t work, try 0 or 1 or 2. Can’t hurt, right? :)