Smarty {html_options} plugin with ‘disabled’ support

I needed the ability to disable certain HTML <select> options in the Smarty {html_options} plugin so I whipped up this version which allows just that.

This is a drop-in replacement for the existing {html_options} plugin. Disabled options are defined by passing in an array of keys, or a single key, just like ‘selected’ options are defined.

The PHP end


$options = array(
    '1' => 'foo',
    '2' => 'bar',
    '3' => 'baz',
$selected = 1;
$disabled = array(2, 3);

$smarty->assign('options', $options);
$smarty->assign('selected', $selected);
$smarty->assign('disabled', $disabled);

In the Smarty template

    {html_options options=$options selected=$selected disabled=$disabled}

Upgrade today!

Download function.html_options.php here

And if you’re Monte, here’s the (almost trivial) diff. I’d love to see it in the next Smarty version :)