Sometimes OS X hates my wireless Logitech mouse

This post goes out to all my fellow Mac mouse haters:

Mac OS X doesn’t always get along with my Logitech wireless mouse. The main symptom is weirdness when trying to hover over menus or hover over the dock… basically, it doesn’t. The only way to get a “hover” style action is to right click where I want to hover. Which is a problem.

At first it looks like Apple operating system quirkiness, but rebooting the compy won’t fix it. Poking the “connect” button won’t fix it. If you’re having the same problem as me, try unplugging the wireless receiver for a couple of seconds and plugging it back in.

It isn’t enough to unplug the hub that the receiver is plugged into, most likely because my hub is powered. But unplugging the receiver kicks it in the pants and everything starts working again.