Starting fresh and Firefox extensions…

So I’m setting up a new (and by ‘new’ I really mean ‘old’…) laptop. I like starting from scratch. You have a nice clean slate…

Of course, the first thing to install is Firefox. Because Internet Explorer is a bad, bad browser

So now Firefox is loaded, and things are ready to go… A few minutes of browsing on the interweb and I discovered the topic of tonight’s blog.

Several übercool Firefox extensions that I can’t live without

First off, you need to have Firefox. If you don’t already have it, get Firefox.

We’ll start the list with AdBlock plus. After all, it was a somewhat disturbing banner ad that reminded me how much I like extensions. With AdBlock, you can choose any image on a page and tell Firefox never to show it to you again. Or you can set up a filter (regex even!) so the extension can decide what’s legit and what’s lame.

Next, you’ve gotta get filterset.G. this is an automatic subscription to ad filters. kinda like the updates like virus scanning software does all automagically. it makes life sooo much easier.

Image Zoom is a must. Can’t quite make out the expression on someone’s face? Zooming’s only a scroll-wheel flick away. Some n00b post an enormous image on a forum? Click. Shrink. Sweet! doesn’t just have one of the coolest urls in the history of the universe, it is also a pretty sweet concept. If you haven’t heard, it’s called social bookmarking. It’s the illegitimate child of MySpace and ctrl D (try it… you know you want to). Want to know what sweet sites I’ve found recently? Check out Join the movement. It’s the next big thing. And what could make the revolution easier than the Firefox extension?

IE Tab gives you the power to give IE the bird. Once and for all… Now you can specify which of those pesky non-compliant webpages (*ahem* Windows Live Mail *ahem*) should be loaded in Internet Explorer… INSIDE A FIREFOX TAB!

Linkification takes care of those pesky websites that have non-clickable urls.

And BugMeNot foils those pesky websites that want you to register before you download their trial version or view their blog archive…

And a couple of nerdy ones… Web developers, make sure you have the web developer toolbar, Firebug and tamper data. They will make your life complete. The rest of you… just forget all about the preceeding paragraph.