Summer is an entirely separate dimension. My organized, metered, cluttered existence fades into dim memory and my life is consumed with blissful carefree summer days. Anarchy.

Some time ago my free time was artificially limited to one glorious day per week. Far too many of those days were squandered, spent unwisely… I learned by sad experience that that freedom requires a careful structure and plan to be successful. Freedom, if left unattended, quickly dissolves into boredom. The seed of discontent.

Who in their right mind would be discontent with freedom?

I was. You’d think I would learn.

Yet here I sit. Discontent. Longing for the constricting bands of externally enforced structure.

Tell me how to spend my days. Let me live my day in fifty minute increments of order. Fill my head with academia.

Then I will live for those ten minute slices of anarchy. The unscheduled rush between buildings, the chance meetings with old forgotten acquaintances. Fumbling for change to buy an ice cream sandwich. A welcome break from an orderly existence.

That’s the key then. Anarchy and chaos must be consumed in small, orderly chunks. Balance and moderation. Ordered chaos? Seems counterintuitive. But it almost makes sense, in a “Who came up with this universe, anyway?” sort of way.