Things I’d love to see in Pukka

I’ve been using Pukka — a Mac client for Delicious — for a bit, and it’s pretty great. (More on that later, it’s already the subject of a half-finished Technophobe review).

Pukka is pretty okay (Delicious + Mac)

And what do you know, Justin Miller (the creator of Pukka) noticed:

Any way I can make Pukka 'really ok'? :-)

So here, other Justin, are a couple of ways to make Pukka great:

  • Pre-populate the page title when dragging a URL into Pukka for bookmarking: I was actually surprised that it didn’t already work like this.

  • Popular tags support: I still use the official Yahoo plugin in Firefox to do the majority of my bookmarking because of this one feature. I will drag a page from Safari to Firefox and bookmark it there just so I don’t have to think up all the tags to use.

  • Global keyboard shortcuts for bookmarking: I’m not sure how this one would work, but I’d like to be able to bookmark via hotkey in any browser. It might need to be an input manager or a set of browser plugins. Think 1Password for bookmarks.

  • Bonus: if you can work it into the plugin/input manager goodness, I love being able to select a paragraph from the site to use for my Delicious description text.

  • Real Spotlight integration: For this it might make sense to stash the local bookmark cache as a folder full of webclips, and make sure they’re named, tagged, and commented in a Spotlight friendly way.

You’re well on your way, and I’d love to see Pukka get even better.