To the author of the bot trying to comment spam my blog

I can almost guarantee that when I say “wow” in my blog, I’m not talking about World of Warcraft. If I am, in fact, talking about World of Warcraft, I’m making fun of it. None of my readers come here because of the game. Your misdirected spam is worthless.

I’m not even a good match for your search term. My blog didn’t show up until about #350 on Google. Until this post, my blog never mentioned World of Warcraft… I’m sure you could find a better blog to spam.

I don’t care about power leveling my toon. I have never thought “Gosh, this lack of gold really suffers me.” I have no desire to “have a try and amazing experience is there”.

Please. Learn English. Then write a better spambot. This one’s so bad it’s almost insulting…