Twitter + Remember The Milk = Productivity Addiction

I mentioned my newfound Twitter addiction a couple of weeks ago. My addiction has now been upgraded.

If you haven’t been using Remember The Milk, you should be. It’s an online to do list with all the functionality you’d expect from a Web 2.0 app.

Today I hooked the two of them together. RTM now lets you interact with your tasks by sending Twitter messages. They’ll send you messages back when tasks are due. You can mark ‘em complete, or postpone ‘em via messages.

Because Twitter likes text messages, I can now text my productivity to my Remember The Milk account too. I think this just replaced my phone’s to-do lists and calendar in one fell swoop, and I’ve only been using it about an hour.

I guess the upside is that this will prob’ly increase my productivity instead of just fueling my addiction to Twitter. And it’s a good thing I signed up for unlimited texts.