I’ve been avoiding posting blogs for the last couple of weeks… “If you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing at all” and all that junk.

But tonight I have something good to say.

I’ve noticed that when a everything goes wrong, you find out just how many people care. It appears that a lot of people care about me, for some reason.

I wish I had the time — and ambition — to write about all of these people. But I don’t. So this post is mostly about Traci.

Traci’s a great friend. She’s always good for a hug. She’s always down with going dancing. Even when we’re driving to Seattle to do it.

And she’s always willing to help. She just loaned me her “ghettofabulous old Dell” laptop, for crying out loud.

Granted, it’s got a few issues. But a laptop with issues is infinitely better than a laptop that’s been jacked.

Thanks, Traci. Thanks for all your help. Thanks for the support. Thanks for everything.

That’s is all.