We’re going to play a new game…

After reading a couple of blog posts on a comment system called Disqus, I want to give it another shot.

I tried Disqus back in the day, and it was really slow and generally fairly annoying. Most of their issues seem to be resolved, and they’ve picked up a lot of steam in the meantime. So now I’m considering swapping out my current comments for something a little more hip and magickal. But I’d like your feedback on the issue. So here’s what you’ve gotta do:

  1. Leave a comment below.
  2. Let me know how you feel about the experience.
  3. That’s it!

You’ll notice that there are several ways to identify yourself. If you have a Disqus, Facebook, or Twitter account you can use one of those. Feel free to try out a couple of accounts, or choose none at all. You can also link to this post on just about any social media site (FriendFeed or Twitter or Reddit or YouTube, for example) and it should pull in those comments as well.

So I’m curious what you think about it.

How is the experience? Do you like it better than a traditional blog comment system? Can you see yourself actually voting on other comments à la Slashdot/Reddit/Digg?

Have you used Disqus (or Intense Debate, or another similar service) in the past? Was there anything about it that you couldn’t stand?

Most importantly, will this make you more or less likely to join the conversation?

We don’t need to make a decision right away. We can play with Disqus for a while and see how we feel. If it’s horrid, the old comment system is just a pref setting away.

So talk to me :)