What do you do when you meet someone incredible?

Someone you will never see again. Maybe it’s an amazingly beautiful girl. Maybe you had the best dance of the night at a venue in some city on the other side of the continent. And might never get a chance to visit again. Maybe it was some guy you just connected with. Someone who’d be your best friend forever, if only you had more time.

What do you say? What can convey those feelings?

How do you say goodbye?

I could have loved you.

Too cliche, maybe.

I hope we meet again… sometime.

You are amazing. You made my night tonight. Thank you.

Like hand scrawled messages in a long forgotten yearbook. In the long run, do they mean anything at all?

Stay cool. have a great summer.

I don’t think you can say anything. Only give them a hug. Squeeze extra tight for a second, pretend that you might, somewhere, sometime, meet again. And then move on with life, thankful that you even had a chance to glimpse something so beautiful and pure as what might have been.