Where does the Justin come from?

Answers to a few questions from my server logs:

Where does the Justin come from?

I’m from the southeastern end of Washington state, but I currently reside in Utah County, Utah.

Is your space cooler?

Yes, my space is cooler than yours.

How do I carry a loaded gun?

I wouldn’t suggest carrying it in your pants, unless you want to become another strange Google search result.

It could be a couple of things. First, msplinks are intended to save MySpace users from spammy sites. If MySpace (in their infinite wisdom) decided that the site you’re linking to isn’t kosher, they could have blocked it. Second, MySpace seems to be sniffing referrers. This means that if you post a msplinks link on any page other than myspace.com (like my blog, for example), it will be redirected to myspace.com…

What is this msplinks.com?

msplinks.com is an anti-spam attempt by MySpace that rewrites any URL posted on MySpace into something that looks like http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi... I talked a bit more about the effect of msplinks.com on SEO a couple of months ago.

Have you ever seen a mothball?


Is Drupal cron.php secure?

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. cron.php just triggers events for modules you’ve enabled for your site. It grabs all it’s instructions from the database and from PHP files stored on your server, so there’s no way to pass it anything sketchy to execute. If someone messes with cron.php, it will just execute the cron jobs a bit sooner than they would otherwise run.

What do you say when you meet someone?

I usually say “Hi” or “Good to meet you”. But that’s pretty region specific. In Texas they might say “howdy”…

why do I suck with girls?

I’m not sure of the exact cause, but it might be related to the fact that you go to the internet for your answer.

Nope. see the article I linked above.

Is Drupal secure?

Is anything really secure? Drupal has a very active developer community, bugfixes and security patches are released in a timely manner, and most of the security updates I’ve received since installing were for third-party modules, not for the Drupal core. I think Drupal’s doing alright.

inspired by Philipp Lenssen.