coda-cli — Shell integration for Coda

coda makes Panic’s Coda a first-class *nix citizen

This tool provides shell integration for Coda. You can now open files and directories from a terminal:

coda foo.html
coda foo.html bar.css
coda ./

If foo.html or bar.css doesn’t exist, coda will create it automatically for you.

You can also edit a file and wait for it to close (-w or --wait). This is really important if you plan on making coda your default $EDITOR. Now you can use Coda for writing Git or SVN commit messages. Simply add this line to your .bash_profile or .bashrc or .zshrc:

export EDITOR='coda -w'

In addition to knowing how to wait, coda plays nice with pipes. You can use it just like any other POSIX utility… Invoke it from the command line and pass the output from any command to Coda, or from Coda to another command. Try a couple of these:

echo 'foo' | coda
echo 'bar' | coda >> out.txt
coda >> somefile.html
find . -name "*.css" | xargs coda
coda < config.yaml > config_new.yaml

Note that piping output from Coda implies --wait.


If you’re a Homebrew user, it’s really easy:

brew update
brew install coda-cli

Otherwise, click the giant button below, drop coda anywhere in your $PATH, and make sure it’s executable.


Download coda-cli 1.0.5