Color schemes for Coda (and SubEthaEdit)

All color schemes on this page are fully compatible with each of the stock Coda syntax modes: ActionScript, ASP-HTML, CFML, CSS, ERB, HTML, Java, Javascript, JSP-HTML, LassoScript-HTML, Objective-J, Perl, PHP-HTML, Python, Ruby, Smarty, SQL and XML.

In addition, they include styles for a couple more modes that I can’t live without: LESS, Markdown, Mustache , Twig-HTML, Twig-JavaScript, Twig-XML and YAML. Plus, they’re optimized for my own improved PHP-HTML syntax mode (don’t worry, they work with the regular one too).

And since that’s not enough, I’ll throw in support for a bunch of the SubEthaEdit syntax modes: how about Apache, AppleScript, bash, C, C++, Lua and Objective-C?

But wait! There’s more! Each of the color schemes on this page now supports even more user-contributed syntax modes that I’ve seen in the wild: C#, Codeigniter, CoffeeScript, Conference, Django-Template, ExpressionEngine, HAML, HTML-jQuery, HTML-MooTools, jQuery, LaTeX, Lisp, MooTools, Pascal, PHP-HTML-jQuery, PHP-MooTools, Prototype, Sass and Wordpress.

Download The Whole Meal Deal



Blueby is a Coda color scheme inspired by the gorgeous code samples on It’s light-on-dark, heavy on the blues, and quite pleasing to the eyes.

Download Blueby



Chunk is a mostly-monochromatic light-on-dark color scheme with a splash of awesome. It’s currently my color scheme of choice.

Download Chunk

Coda Classic Dark

Coda Classic Dark

Coda 2 shipped with awesome new color scheme superpowers, but unfortunately the inverted default color scheme was lost in the shuffle. If you used it and miss it, Coda Classic Dark is the color scheme for you.

Download Coda Classic Dark

Desert for Coda


Desert for Coda is a port of Hans Fugal’s amazing Desert color scheme for Vim. It is a light-on-dark color scheme with a pleasant desert evening feel.

Download Desert for Coda

Monokai for Coda


No collection of color schemes would be complete without Monokai. This is a direct port of Monokai’s color scheme for TextMate. As an added bonus, I threw in a dark-on-light variation that’s also really hot. Just hit “Use Inverted Colors” after importing Monokai.

Download Monokai for Coda

Solarized for Coda


Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized color palette is a gorgeous precision color scheme with light and dark modes. You can read all about it on the official project page, or you can download it and try for yourself.

Download Solarized for Coda

Tomorrow Theme for Coda

Tomorrow Theme

Tomorrow is Chris Kempson’s bright-and-pastel color palette series with five variants: Tomorrow, Tomorrow Night, Tomorrow Night Eighties, Tomorrow Night Blue, Tomorrow Night Bright.

Download Tomorrow Theme for Coda

Vibrant Ink for Coda

Vibrant Ink

Rounding out the light-on-dark styles is a port of Justin Palmer’s Vibrant Ink scheme for TextMate. This color scheme is vibrant and cheerful, but less neon than most of the other options on this page.

Download Vibrant Ink for Coda