This site is a bunch of static HTML5 and CSS3 files, baked by Nanoc and styled by LESS. It should look great in all the fancy new browsers, and it shouldn’t break too horribly in anything ancient. Unless, of course, you’re into browsing the web in IE6 with JavaScript turned off. If that’s the case, I can’t really help you there1.

This site is designed around a hand-rolled responsive grid system2, with a 24 pixel baseline grid supplying the rhythm. It is typeset in 12 pt Lucida Grande, with enormous Arvo logotype and display type. The <code> blocks are set in Inconsolata, my fixed-width weapon of choice. My @font-face kit was generated by FontSquirrel.

Comment magick is supplied by Disqus. Traffic is analyzed by Clicky, which is really hot. Any URL that starts with was shortened by bitly.

I code for the web in Coda on my Mac(s), so that’s where most of this site is written. Sometimes I write plug-ins for Coda too.

This site is very happily hosted by Linode. If you want to host a site on Linode, you should click that link. I’ll get a kickback that helps pay my server bill, and you’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling and a nifty VPS of your very own.

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  2. Hold g and press h then f to see it!