Git integration plug-ins for Coda

GitX and Gity plug-ins for Coda

I graduated from SVN quite a while ago…

And I’m bummed about how long it’s taking Panic to move on as well. I’m sure I’m not the only Coda user who would love to see Git support in Coda’s built-in SCM scripts.

Unfortunately, real SCM support for Coda not here yet, so I’ve gone and done the next best thing!

Choose between the two

If you love and use Gity, that’s obviously the best choice for you.

Otherwise, I would recommend the GitX plugin. It has been updated more recently, and is better integrated with Coda.


  1. Download GitX or Gity, two wonderful Git GUI apps. For bonus points you can download the “brotherbard” fork of GitX. It’s awesomer.

  2. Install Terminal support – Launch your app and choose ‘Install Terminal Usage’ from the application menu.

  3. Download GitX.codaplugin or Gity.codaplugin. Double click to install.

  4. Profit!


Download GitX.codaplugin 2.0

Download Gity.codaplugin 1.0