Articles tagged “misc”

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  18. Wait. Kindles are only three hundred bucks?
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  20. Radical
  21. Happy Sunday! Listen to Chairlift!
  22. Smiling
  23. The grass is already growing over him
  24. Contented
  25. One song by the Two Gallants
  26. Society doesn’t need newspapers. What we need is journalism.”
  27. Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz
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  29. Pepsi & Mountain Dew Throwback
  30. Customer disservice
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  32. I’m still here
  33. Install this Firefox extension: Tabs Open Relative
  34. Happy Boxing Day!
  35. MR. PRESIDENT: I look forward to being disappointed in new ways.
  36. I will do one thing today”
  37. de La Rochefoucauld, on censure
  38. The Strand Race
  39. In Case of Zombie Attack, Break Glass
  40. I call dregs”
  41. Experiment
  42. Dear Utah Drivers…
  43. The value of a perk
  44. Help me settle an argument
  45. Sigh… Monday
  46. A “rare find”
  47. How to rank for the keyword “Google”
  48. Dan’s idea
  49. Let’s write a worm”
  50. New tagline for Twitter
  52. Stranger Photos Have Happened
  53. Facebook lets you poke yourself?
  54. A $400 a year domain name habit.
  55. Spring. Or a horror movie.
  56. It would be unthinkable
  57. Dear spammers:
  58. Best use of Mario Paint ever!
  59. It’s not going to be real quick…
  60. …My head asplode
  61. Stop me if this is a bad idea.
  62. When I grow up
  63. Double-Double, animal style”
  64. Everyone cheats
  65. The only way to win the game
  66. @adamwalker wrote a bulk event importer for Drupal
  67. … a garbage truck full of legos
  68. Drupal has as special place
  69. Not spiritual but religious
  70. Never
  71. Shrine of the Mall Ninja
  72. BYUSA is gearing up for elections
  73. BRINGO: Stop Talking to Machines and Talk to a Real Human
  74. I haven’t slept for ten days
  75. Dear Diary:
  76. He “died in a blogging accident”
  77. On wrecking a scooter
  78. Why is it that…
  79. Merry Christmas from the Blagosphere
  80. Conserving cornstalks
  81. RFC: brevity
  82. Download The Dark Knight trailer, in high def
  83. The weather outside is frightful
  84. To the author of the bot trying to comment spam my blog
  85. Note to self:
  86. A taste for literature
  87. Stella!
  88. This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for crayons
  89. …if oxen and horses or lions had hands
  90. Street signs and breadcrumbs
  91. And today we sleep
  92. I took the long way home today
  93. BYUSA is like a student council only worse…
  94. I hate BYUSA
  95. Sweet nothings
  96. And some days it feels good to just sleep
  97. I never dance anymore…
  98. I’m not really sleepy… inspiration: …
  99. Cole Joplin, on balance
  100. Avast!
  101. Why I like Unicode
  102. xkcd on dating
  103. Spoiler alert: this blog entry contains punchlines
  104. I was waking up early for a while
  105. I gots me a fixie
  106. Darrrrr!!! Join the Utah Pirate Party!
  107. Magic SMS status messages with Textmarks
  109. A giant space banana
  110. To: Cache Valley
  111. Attention scammers:
  112. Celebrate fair use! July 11
  113. ǝpoɔıun ʇɹɐǝɥ ı
  114. It’s tomorrow now
  115. Blah.
  116. I have a number now too!
  117. One more vote for patent law reform
  118. Three network marketing hummers
  119. The illusion of security
  120. Freedom!1!!
  121. a.m.
  122. 6:15 am
  123. Five buildings…
  124. It’s a long walk down that stairway…
  125. Sarah Judge sent me cookies.
  126. Some things I’m digging
  127. It’s official
  128. Poop.
  129. One bro’s soap is another bro’s artwork
  130. Today I peed at Harvard
  131. Attention: Scene kids and Hipsters
  132. Ridiculous dance party
  133. Who’s dancing now?
  134. Shut up
  135. I laugh
  136. Z is for Zamboni
  137. As I lay dying
  138. To: Idaho
  139. Impromptu dance party. My place. Right now.
  140. Seeking: soulmate
  141. Every day I polish my revolver and shoot my head.
  142. Thursday
  143. 80 percent ain’t shabby
  144. Re: a medley of thoughts on the current housing situation
  145. Testing…
  146. Finals
  147. Ill
  148. Food for toghuht
  149. Tartarus revisited